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Leisa Way starring in…
“Rhinestone Cowgirl”: A Tribute to Dolly Parton
Featuring the Wayward Wind Band
May 27th to June 6th

From rags to riches the iconic country star, Dolly Parton, has seen it all, and
concert veteran Leisa Way brings you the inside track. From “Jolene” to
“Here You Come Again” to “Nine to Five”, “Rhinestone Cowgirl” delivers a
non-stop parade of hits from one of country music’s most loved superstars.

“Hilda’s Yard”
By Norm Foster
June 10th to July 4th

One ordinary family, one extraordinary day, as Norm Foster gives us a comedic
peek over the picket fence into “Hilda’s Yard”. It’s 1956.
When their grown children return home out of the blue will the Fluck
family ever be able to bridge the generation gap?
Gangsters and floozies and romance among the flower beds … how will it end?

“Old Wives’ Tales”
By Kevin Riordan
July 8th to August 1st

“Get married with both eyes wide open and stay married with one of them closed”.
“Getting married is an act of romance … staying married is an act of will”.
Always listen to your mother! We’ve all heard it, and playwright Kevin Riordan,
shows us why we should pay attention, in this laugh-filled tribute to mothers and daughters.

“The Drawer Boy”
By Michael Healey
August 5th to August 22nd

Miles is a young actor doing research for a collaborative “Farm Show”.
He goes straight to the horses mouth, boards with two bachelor farmers,
and finds more than he bargained for. Long hidden mysteries,
the bonds of friendship, and the wonder of stories well told. Michael Healey’s
Chalmers Award/Governor Generals Award winning play is a delight.

“Real Estate”
By Allana Harkin
August 26th to September 19th

What to do when your client has even less curb appeal than his house?
Declutter, simplify, add a touch of “feng shui” and watch the sparks fly!
A blocked writer, a guy with perfect hair, an ex-wife, and a real estate saleswoman
with more enthusiasm than experience … what could possibly go wrong?
The comedy is sure, the characters well drawn, and the circumstances? Hilarious!
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