Our Mission
To enhance the artistic, cultural and economic life of the village of Port Stanley and surrounding areas.
Port Stanley Festival Theatre is a not-for-profit Ontario corporation, managed by a Board of Directors elected by the members of the organization at the Annual General Meeting.

At the AGM held on December 15, 2016, and the board meeting held immediately afterwards, the following officers and directors for 2017 were elected:

Executive Team: Brian Welsh (President); Scott Shakir (Vice-president); Robert Eastick (Treasurer); Sharon Herrin (Corporate Secretary)

Directors: Gail Ballard, Richard Haddow, Glenys Lafrance, Gary McLeod, Kingsley Snelgrove.

Left to right: Brian Welsh, Scott Shakir, Gary McLeod, Richard Haddow, Gail Ballard, Kingsley Snelgrove, Sharon Herrin; inset: Glenys Lafrance, Bob Eastick