London, ON Sept 30, 2015
The final performance on the old stage at Port Stanley Festival Theatre will be a night of laughs featuring a troupe of award-winning comedians....(read more)

London, ON
Author Joel Hopper has had a bad year. His wife left him for another man, he’s got writer’s block with an impending deadline for his next book and now he’s about to lose his house for unpaid taxes. What else could possibly go wrong?... ...(read more)

Port Stanley, February 26, 2014
On Wednesday February 26, 2014, representatives of Scotiabank St.Thomas, Maria Santos (Branch Manager) and Jason Dykes (Financial Advisor) graciously presented Port Stanley Festival Theatre with a cheque for $5,000 as Corporate Sponsors of the upcoming theatre season....(read more)

Port Stanley, September 16, 2013
On Monday, a half-dozen dignitaries turned sod at the theatre to mark the start of the $1.5 million project to grow the former Port Stanley village hall which now is home to the theatre, the Port Stanley branch of Elgin County Library, and several other tenants....(read more)

Port Stanley, September 16, 2013
Past and present members of the Port Stanley Festival Theatre Board, theatre volunteers, local politicians and media gathered at the back of the theatre building today for a ground breaking ceremony to mark the theatre's new expansion project, expected to take two years to complete....(read more)

Port Stanley, August 23, 2013
Family reconciliation never had it so funny. Three thumbs up! says Francie Dennison of more)

Elgin County, August 27, 2013
All of the supporting members at this performance and others during the season plus Simon Joynes’ directing and writing talents help make this the best summer theatre to attend anywhere....(read more)

Port Stanley, August 29, 2013
It’s the season finale and should carry the audience’s appetite for theatre over until the curtain rises next summer. Artistic director Simon Joynes has hit a home-run with this romantic comedy performed brilliantly by a stellar ensemble cast. Says Joe Belanger of LFP...(read more)

Elgin County, August 5, 2013
Mini Putt leaves the audience in stitches at some points, while at others has them perhaps reflecting on their own lives. The characters are well written, the dialogue smart and often witty, and the story is of the feel good variety likely to put a lingering smile on your face. This is a four star show that should be on your must see list before it leaves the Port Stanley Festival Theatre on August 17th....(read more)

Port Stanley, August 1, 2013
Mini Putt is one of those feel-good shows of the summer season that is well worth the price of a ticket, a show that delivers a few good laughs and a storyline that will send you home with a smile on your face....(read more)

Port Stanley, August 1, 2013
Straight man dialogue that you could just see falling from the lips of Jack Benny, mixed with a little bit of Andy Griffith’s "aw shucks" kick-the-dirt with-your-toe, is the character Simon Joynes brings to life in Frank, the lead role in Mini Putt, which opened at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre on August 1, 2013....(read more)

Elgin County, July 16, 2013
The song, dance and energy displayed by the performers in “Not In My Backyard” make it a must see before the curtain closes on July 27th. ...(read more)

Port Stanley, July 15, 2013
I have never written a musical and I cannot imagine how much time and thought and imagination went into the world premiere of this one. The audience gave the production a hearty round of applause accompanied by some woo-hoos. There are plenty of people who enjoyed this. - Lesleigh Turner...(read more)

Port Stanley, July 12, 2013
Not In My Backyard is a show that is well-conceived, given our obsessive risk-based society — a show that entertains and pokes fun at all the right players, with characters everyone can relate to and enjoy. Well worth the price of a ticket for an evening of fun....(read more)

Port Stanley, July 12, 2013
Irreverent and hilariously funny best describe the new musical comedy Not In My Backyard, which enjoyed its world premiere at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre on July 11th, 2013....(read more)

Elgin County, June 18,2013
This heart-warming sequel will likely be appreciated by most viewers as, in at least some measure, a reflection of ourselves and the choices we make....(read more)

Port Stanley, June 16, 2013
Henry and Alice: Into the Wild is a fun, heart-warming romp certain to leave audiences satisfied and anxious to find out what new challenge Henry and Alice might face in the future. ...(read more)

Port Stanley, June 13, 2013
Henry and Alice is a poignantly funny journey through a trauma faced by so many couples in recent times, playing until July 6th, 2013 - but don't tell the bear, the standing ovation hurt his ears....(read more)

Port Stanley, June 15, 2013
Eric Bunnel’s set is wonderful. He is really creative and imaginative. The green abstract trees were my favorite part. They had a ‘group of seven’ feel to them and lent the set a lovely feel of movement. During a ghost story, the shadows they cast could have been creatures in the woods, dancers; the only limit was our imagination....(read more)

Elgin County, June 3, 2013
The Port Stanley Festival Theatre kicked off its summer season with opening night of the rollicking Back in ’59 and some special news. The Board of Directors of the theatre was pleased to announce the receipt of gifts totaling $293,000 for the Theatre’s ‘Expand the Experience’ Capital Campaign....(read more)

Elgin County, June 6, 2013
Music buffs of all ages should seize the opportunity to listen to the music from 1959 that laid down a musical fabric which continues to weave its way through the tunes of today. You can’t escape the harmonies, love songs, tunes about a boy or girl, true love or lyrics that make you laugh (and you wouldn’t want to)...(read more)

Port Stanley, June 3, 2013
The Port Stanley Festival Theatre is getting a facelift. Brian Welsh, vice-president on the board of the theatre as well as chair of the construction team, made a presentation at a recent Elgin County council meeting on the progress of the renovations to the theatre. Fundraising started about a year ago, and Welsh says that lots of progress has been made....(read more)

Port Stanley, June 1, 2013
Since opening in 2011, Back in ’59 has played to sold-out audiences across Ontario and Quebec including Port Stanley’s almost sold-out run last June 2012. Back by popular demand, Back in ’59 returns to Port Stanley’s stage this time with a sold-out run....(read more)

Port Stanley, May 31, 2013
The Board of Directors of the Port Stanley Festival Theatre are pleased to announce the receipt of gifts totaling $293,000 for the Theatre’s “Expand the Experience” Capital Campaign. Generous donors include Ontario Trillium Foundation, Dorothy Fay Palmer Estate, Green Lane Community Trust Foundation, and the Walter J Blackburn Foundation. These donations are major contributions to the Theatre’s ‘Expand the Experience’ project to improve ...(read more)

Port Stanley, May 28, 2013
Back in ’59 has played to sold-out audiences across Ontario and Quebec since opening in 2011 and online sales are already sold out for some performances. The show is set in 1973 where four old friends skip out of their high school reunion and break into their old hangout where they talk about their lives and futures, reminiscing about their high school days and remembering the music of their youth. The show features top-10 selling hits of the late 1950s and 60s. It stars Clayton Labbe, Kelly Holiff, Tim Porter and Margaret Thompson....(read more)

Port Stanley, May 30, 2013
The Board of Directors of the Port Stanley Festival Theatre are pleased to announce the receipt of gifts totalling $293,000 for the Theatre's "Expand the Experience" Capital Campaign. Generous donors include Ontario Trillium Foundation, Dorothy Fay Palmer Estate, Green Lane Community Trust Foundation, and the Walter J Blackburn Foundation....(read more)

Port Stanley, May 30, 2013
With all performances sold out before the show opens, for the second year in a row, Thom Currie's Back in '59, now playing at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre, was as much fun this year as it was last year, and perhaps even better....(read more)

St.Thomas Council Meeting - May 27, 2013
1. Port Stanley Festival Theatre - Expand the Experience Campaign:Brian Welsh and Mary Dunn, Co-Chairs, PSFT "Expand the Experience" campaign were in attendance to provide an update on the project. The PSFT set a $1.5 million target to complete the work of improving the environmental conditions of the theatre building, increasing the number of seats, adding a "green" lounge for the actors, improving the washrooms and expanding the space in general, including improvements to the public library space....(read more)

Port Stanley - May 21, 2013
In theatre, a preview polishes a production for its opening night. And on Tuesday in Port Stanley, Port Stanley Festival Theatre previewed a $1.5 million capital campaign, with Ontario Trillium Foundation announcing a $103,000 grant toward a multi-year project to renovate and expand. The campaign is to be launched next week when PSFT raises the curtain on its 2013 season of five shows, PSFT president Bob Halle said....(read more)

Elgin County & St.Thomas Visitor\'s Guide
The City of St. Thomas and Elgin County’s charming communities feature their own studios and galleries like the St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre, showcasing some of the finest artwork and crafts by local artisans. Spend a relaxing day or a weekend touring the local studios and galleries and other tourist attractions for a truly unique experience year-round. Fine art collections, unique hand-crafted pottery, original paintings and more abound in Elgin County and St. Thomas....(read more)

London, November 2, 2012
Two London region theatre festivals have announced their 2013 seasons, which include a healthy mix of comedy and musicals. Port Stanley Theatre Festival is bringing back the hit musical review, Back In ‘59, directed by Thom Currie and choreographer by Stephanie Graham to open the season May 28. Henry and Alice: Into the Wild, the sequel to Sexy Laundry by Michele Riml which opens June 12, follows Henry and Alice on a camping trip ...(read more)

London 24 October, 2012
Fashion will take the stage at Port Stanley Festival Theatre Thursday for the second-annual Seasonably Styled fundraiser. The fundraiser is the Apropos and Apropos After 5 fashion show, where fashions for the holiday season or that sunny south vacation will be the focus....(read more)

Port Stanley, September 26th 2012
On the evening of September 25th, the Board of Governors of the Port Stanley Festival Theatre was delighted to welcome three new members into their ranks during their monthly Board Meeting. ...(read more)

St. Thomas, September 27, 2012
Not-for-profit organizations gathered at St. Thomas' first volunteer fair held at the Elgin Mall on Tuesday September 18, 2012. Jenna Oldham was on hand recruiting volunteers for the Port Stanley Festival Theatre. More than 100 people attended.......(read more)

Elgin County 20 August 2012
“Storm Warning”, written by Norm Foster and directed by Simon Joynes, delivers a blockbuster performance - a powerfully poignant, yet humorous, love story, marvellously acted on a great set. There's a lot to like here....(read more)

London 18 August 2012
A war-damaged ex-army officer who has isolated himself in his remote cabin (complete with outdoor plumbing) is surprised by some unexpected company: a pill popping, non-stop talking, independent woman from the city (who swears like a sailor) takes up residence in the adjacent cabin. This thoughtful and witty play by Norm Foster is filled with sharp one-liners as we watch the opposing worlds of Jack (Phi Bulani) and Emma (Karen Parker) collide....(read more)

Port Stanley, 17th August 2012
A smash hit by Norm Foster to wrap up the summer season has come to be expected at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre and the opening night standing ovation on August 16, 2012 proves Storm Warning does not disappoint ...(read more)

London 16 August 2012
There's a storm brewing in Port Stanley with a fury that promises to deliver lots of laughs, maybe a few tears, but no serious damage. Storm Warning, the Norm Foster play opening at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre, is not typical Foster fare -- but it's a period play that will keep you riveted to your seat waiting for a lot more than laughs ...(read more)

Elgin County 31 July 2012
The current play “Having Hope at Home” at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre is a fantastic show that delivers humorous, heartfelt and insightful moments portrayed by three generations of characters that represent the Bingham family....(read more)

London 28 July 2012
Rooting for Having Hope at Home - Trish says: "This is a wonderful script, a story that is relatable to many. The struggle of trying to make it on your own, the challenge of looking after an elderly parent, the decision to have a home or hospital birth or the dynamics of a dysfunctional family and the addition of a new baby. Regardless of what it is – this play will touch you in one way or another and in the end…give you hope."...(read more)

Port Stanley 26 July 2012
Grandpa John Turner's impeccable timing and crusty delivery of choice lines in the opening night performance of Having Hope At Home at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre on July 26, 2012 had me laughing until my sides hurt and the tears rolled down my cheeks. ...(read more)

Port Stanley 26 July 2012
The Show: The critically acclaimed Canadian play, Having Hope at Home, by David S. Craig, directed by Simon Joynes and starring an ensemble of popular Port Stanley Festival Theatre actors John Turner, Terry Barna, Janet Monid, Martha Zimmerman and Matt Gorman, with newcomer Molly Kidder, of Toronto. ...(read more)

Port Stanley 25 July 2012
The Port Stanley Festival Theatre production of Having Hope at Home opens Thursday and runs until Aug.11 and is one that theatre artistic director Simon Joynes says is worth checking out. “The draw for audience is that it's a really good mix of the comedic and the dramatic ...(read more)

Port Stanley, July 18, 2012
Port Stanley Festival Theatre is due for an extensive face lift over the next 18 months. Theatre board vice-president Brian Welsh attended Central Elgin municipal council Monday to give councillors and Mayor Bill Walters an update on the theatre’s most elaborate renovation project in 10 years ...(read more)

Elgin County, July 9, 2012
If a title or caption contains the word ‘sex’ or ‘sexy’ it is a sure-fire way to add enough zip, zing and zowie to grab the attention of most. But once you have titillated the naughty side of the mind the onus is now upon the performance to deliver. The Port Stanley Festival Theatre bares their bloomers in the breeze with the third instalment of the 2012 season as “Sexy Laundry” is displayed on the stage. ...(read more)

London, July 7, 2012
Sexy Laundry is Port Stanley’s latest summer 2012 production – a very funny and sometimes poignant peek into the lives of Henry and Alice who have been married to each other for twenty-five years. The kids are off to university. They finally have time to breathe and re-examine their lives, their work, their relationships and themselves. ...(read more)

Port Stanley, July 6, 2012
Liz Gilroy's directing debut at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre earned a standing ovation on July 5, 2012 as Danielle Nicole and Jim Doucette took the audience on a merry ride through the twists of long-term romantic relationships in Michele Riml's Sexy Laundry ...(read more)

London Free Press, July 5,2012
Chemistry is an essential ingredient in any relationship. And that holds true on stage where the chemistry between actors can make the difference between audience disappointment and a standing ovation. Well, it's chemistry and fine acting that makes all the difference in Port Stanley Festival Theatre's new show Sexy Laundry, written by renowned playwright Michelle Riml, which has garnered rave reviews wherever it's produced....(read more)

London Free Press, 21 June 2012
Dating By The Book, a romantic comedy written by playwright Uwe Meyer and directed by artistic director Simon Joynes is a delightful show loaded with double entendres and sight gags that will keep the audience laughing ...(read more)

Port Stanley, June 15 2012
Dating By The Book, now playing at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre, takes a delightfully funny look at just how far a potential relationship can be derailed by following the rules of a "How To" book. Written by Uwe Meyer and directed by Simon Joynes ......(read more)

Dale Carruthers, London, ON - June 11, 2012
Looking for a fun place to take a date? Bring them to the Port Stanley Festival Theatre to see Dating by the Book -- it's the ideal first date, say the show's two leading actors, because .......(read more)

Entertaining Elgin - 4th June 2012
Whether you can recall, remember or even existed 'Back in '59' does not really matter. Resistance is futile - you cannot ignore the music that was at the birthplace of rock n' roll. .. ...(read more)

Port Stanley, ON - 1st June 2012
I don't normally like "retro" shows and I was not yet a teenager in 1959, but Back in '59, now playing at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre, is just a whole lot of "shaw-wah-be-do-bah" fun!... ...(read more)

Written by Beat Magazine staff
Hot on the heels of a successful 2011 summer season which saw strong attendance, excellent production values, and critical acclaim ...(read more)

Port Stanley, ON - 25th May, 2012
The Show: Back in '59, a musical review of the 'golden' years of rock 'n' roll of the 50s and 60s, conceived and directed by Thom Currie, which was first produced by Showboat Festival Theatre in Port... ...(read more)

Port Stanley, ON - 18th May, 2012
MPP Jeff Yurek was in Port Stanley today to congratulate the Port Stanley Festival Theatre on the receipt of a grant from the Ontario Arts Council. The $40,000 grant ......(read more)